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we have in the past. many countries here have helped haiti in the past. many ngos have helped haiti in the past. we cannot do what we have done before. the leaders of haiti must take responsibility for their country's reconstruction. they must make the tough decisions that guide a strong, accountable, transparent recovery, and that is what they are starting to do with the creation of a new mechanism that provides coordination and consultation. aid can be directed where it is most needed. and we in the global community, we must also do things differently. it will be tempting to fall back on old habits, to work around the government rather than to work with them as partners or to fund a scattered or rarray of w- meaning projects rather than
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making the deeper, long-term investments that haiti needs now. we cannot retreat to failed strategies. . . >> we are committed to working
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with the people and organizations throughout haiti, including civil society groups, private businesses, ngo's, and citizens and i am so glad to see so many of them represented here today. we will also look for ways to engage our haitian diaspora. we will seek to empower the women of haiti. i have said this sometimes and i sound like a broken record in. vesting in women is the best investment we can make -- investing in women is the best investment we can make in any country and investing in haitian women will feel the long-term economic recovery and progress, not only for them but for their families. over the years, all of our countries have learned many lessons, particularly from the tsunami that the united nations was instrumental in leading the
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response to. we must put those lessons to work in haiti. i am very excited and very committed on behalf of president obama, the government of the united states, and the people of the united states to help haiti and to help the leaders of haiti lead a recovery effort for the of their highest hopes. thank you so much, secretary general. [applause] >> ladies and gentleman, central to the action plan which the prime minister of haiti has just sent us, this is a decision to build 80 a new. we're committed to helping ap achieve that goal. since the earthquake, our agencies have been among the
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many providing humanitarian support to haitians under extremely difficult circumstances. much remains to be done. a as the rain begins and the hurricane season begins, the needs are particularly pressing and we must said that unless the urgent humanitarian needs are met and they revised appeal for haiti is fully funded insuring that the smooth transition becomes more difficult. the un with other partners has supported the haitian government to quantify the recovery needs through that post-disaster needs assessment to which the prime minister referred. that has provided a strategic contribution of the government's action plan. it is critical that the pledges made toward the 3.8 $6 billion over these next 18 months to get recovery going and quickly
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fulfill the emergency response. as we all mobilized to support the haitian recovery, let me make five points on behalf of the un development group. first, the government and the people of haiti must be in the driver's seat of the recovery are international resources must be lined up with their priorities. if the u.n. agencies will support the strengthening of haiti's institutions at the national and sub-national level and support for the government. , we will also support the full engagement of civil society in the recovery and the private sector and include the haitian diaspora. we believe that the inclusion of women at the decision making table is absolutely vital to lasting progress. we will be supporting short-term job creation, development of
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micro, a small, and medium sized enterprise, and the creation of that enabling environment which is needed for investors to come and help generate the growth over the long term. second, we will certainly support the spread of development across the country so that all haitians have a chance to benefit from this recovery. our support will be an education in training with cash and food for work programs and support for agricultural rehabilitation and production. as part of that overall effort, we will actively support the haitian government's commitment to decentralize more authority to local levels. third, we see restoration of ecosystems and disaster risk reduction systems as being at the heart of building 80 i knew. our agency's will help for the development of early warning systems for disaster and better
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watershed management. fourth, the un will uphold its human-rights standards, the protection and empowerment of women and girls, children and young people, and other vulnerable groups. we know that addressing inequalities is the bible. the necessary -- with the necessary resources, we can boost haiti to battle extreme poverty. we can improve access to education, health services, clean water and sanitation, and promote food security and good nutrition. we can also help the government to deliver justice and security services. my first and last point -- coordination. , mutual cooperation is imperative. all partners must meet their commitments in haiti. the un has helped establish an aid information management system which will be publicly accessible to attract aid
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disbursement in haiti. that will strengthen haiti's national aid efforts. the u.n. is working closely with the world bank and the inter- american development bank's for the establishment of haiti's reconstruction fund. we have finalized the u.n. component of the fund and we are ready to help implement priority activities now. let the pledging conference today pave the way for building confidence in haiti with sufficient resources so the government of haiti today can become a reality for haiti and its people, thank you. [applause] v>> i think the chair person of the un development group for her statement. we now go to the president of
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the world bank. >> delonte thank you, secretary general -- i want to thank you, secretary general. for this meeting and i want to thank the prime minister for his excellent presentation. we have a chance to do things differently this time. to do so, we will need a partnership in the long haul. i will make five suggestions -- first, we need to combine cable asian ownership with the effective donor partnership for all us know that 80 had a modest capacity before the earthquake and loss of life setback for the periofurther. this will require strong political will on the part of haitians to overcome the divisive politics we have seen in the past.
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donors need to work for the haitian budget to avoid the presentation and assist in developing the haitian capacity. i know but its support is very difficult for donors. we at the world bank and others can help by serving as a trustee for the 80 reconstruction fund, a multi donor trust fund, that can help supply controls and produced shared responsibilities. your countries, the haitian government, the partner agencies, will provide guidance to the reconstruction fund. please use it. please avoid a flag-waiting products that will mark the occasion and will not be sustainable. second, we need the best governance and anti-corruption tools possible to strengthen the case for working through haiti's budget. the president has already taken important steps such as declarations for him and his
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ministers. we have learned some important lessons, ones that we can use here. internal audits, special anti- corruption units, better salaries but with high performance standards, asset declarations for senior iraqi officials, publicizing detected cases of corruption, and all development partners taking an ethical pledges. we can use this reconstruction agency to raise the standard and back it with budget support for the reconstruction fund. third, as president clinton and helen clark both mentioned, we will need some tangible benefits on the ground right away, particularly for shelter. we need to move fast to head off another possible tragedy. in the near term, this will require emergency relocation of those most at risk of flooding. i understand parcels of land should be ready soon. we need to make sure they get
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shelter to those places that. in the medium term, we will need to combine routes with community development for water, schools, sanitation, food, and we hope, jobs. fourth, the private sector is absolutely fundamental to create these jobs. the act to the united states offers a great possibility for apparel jobs and even after the destruction of the earthquake, there is about 20,000 people still at work in these factories. we can help and build more but backing them with power and logistics' and help with additional land for facilities to create more jobs. there is possibility for agriculture, tourism, the women on the businesses. to do so, we will need government support on policy and regulatory reforms, including on land entitlement. ifc has given added financial support to clients and are looking to invest $200 million
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in micro finance, other finance, logistics, manufacturing, small and medium- sized enterprises, and infrastructure and we can use that money to leverage in other private investors. fifth, the international agencies need to cooperate, not complicate. i am proud of the contribution that the world bank staff made in the immediate aftermath of by order thousand dollars in contributions. half a billion dollars will be provided over the next four months. $250 million of new funds including $151 million in new grants, $39 billion that will cancel the remaining debt. i believe we can effectively use considerably more. this is a key point for the ministers in the room. your governments decide something called the allocation to item. i suggested to the finance
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ministers that in item 16 which begins in june, we could include a special allocation for haiti and afghanistan. the finance ministers were interested. if the foreign ministers would also push, we can make it so. please write a note for your chief of staff or someone in your office because my experience is that ministers like this idea but when we work with the deputies of the deputies, they don't like change. for the international agencies to be most affected, i suggest we divide up a separate responsibilities under the haitian framework instead of tripping over one another. finally, let's hold everyone's feet to the fire. i heard that a review every five years but let's all agree to meet in six months, about the time of the u.n. general assembly and identify what is working, what needs to be improved, and how we can move further ahead. this can be our accountability report to the people of haiti
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and the world, thank you. [applause] >> thank you for the president of the world bank for his statement and commitment and i give the floor to the president of the inter american fund. >> thank you. allow me to add my words of banks to the co-sponsors of this donors conference. we congratulate the prime minister for his clear exposition of the creation of a new haiti. we hope from the discretion of the -- we hope from the destruction of the earthquake will rise a new 80 based on equity, justice, inclusiveness, and the rule law. with an economy that is dynamic,
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competitive, and grounded on a broad territorial base and with stronger democratic institutions. as president clinton said before and as many have also, we are part of a regional institution and this has done a lot for haiti. together with the oas, we have worked for many years providing resources for 80 over the last 50 years. we have been there in good times and in bed. we have seen the country suffered from many natural disasters and also some man-made crises. thus, we have seen the capacity of 82 overcome difficult challenges and get back on their feet quickly. -- the capacity of haiti to overcome difficult challenges and get back in their feet
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quickly. we have confidence that this will serve them well once again with the assistance of those of us in this room and from others outside as well, we can help turn the division of the new haiti into a reality. we are happy to see the development plan of the government for the future and it is shared by many stakeholders. the idb sponsored this with the private sector. it was a very productive and positive dialogue. it left no doubt in our minds that there is a shared strategy in order to reduce poverty, protect the environment, create a large middle-class, and to achieve sustainable development, the private sector must play a vital role in order to attract private investment, both sides also understand the measures that need to be put in place to create a inappropriate enabling environment.
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let me point out some of the more critical measures. lack of clarity surrounding land ownership, some of the inadequate housing and infrastructure, insufficient credit, especially for the small and medium enterprises, weak institutions, poor schooling and health services, and a tax base that cannot support the needs of the government. the idb has been working with the government most of these areas. we had attacked a portfolio of roughly $700 million of which $300 million is still not disbursed. 40% of that is an infrastructure, working with other partners like the spanish government with their fun for water and sanitation. 20% is in agriculture and sanitation and 20% in basic services and 15% in governments and institutions. we have used these projects to help meet emergency needs.
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for example, our multilateral investment fund is set up to obtain liquidity and of rural areas. in addition, we are about to send our -- to our board of directors a housing loan of $30 million to provide semidesert permanent shelters. we work with the government to implement a new strategy designed to give the public sector the capacity to monitor and improve the quality of public education and to fund new school construction. we will also help haiti and budget support -- in budget support. we will provide $50 million this month of april, we hope, based on approval of the board.
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we are providing incentives for 700 million people who moved out of port-au-prince. this includes technical training, agricultural assistance, watershed assistance.3 we will participate with the world bank and others to set up the multi donor trust fund and will engage with the government of haiti to set up the interim 80 construction commission. the bank as discussed with the government to track the flow of foreign assistance to ensure that the government development plan is being implemented in a timely and transparent manner. it is critically important for effective implementation of the development plan that there be coordination on the donor side through the multilateral development fund but also on the ground in haiti through the interim commission and eventually come up for the haiti development agencies. last week, our governors agreed
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to take the necessary steps as part of the capital increase for the bank to provide, among other things, $479 million to cancel 80s remaining debt with the bank, including the conversion of outstanding balances of $180 million. last year, when he reached the completion. , the imf and the idb for dave $27 million as part of the multilateral debt facilities. finally, the shareholders of the bank also agreed to take the necessary steps to implement the transfer of $200 million per year through 2020 from ordinary capital income into the 80 facility to finance reconstruction efforts. for the next two years, the idb
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is pledging $400 million. we hope our collective efforts will be met with success and will certainly do our part. thank you. [applause] >> i think the president of the inter-american development bank for his support. i give up floor to the managing director of the international monetary fund. >> thank you. i would like to thank the united nations for convening this meeting. a lot has already been said and i will try to focus on three short points. the first one is that obviously, and i think everybody agrees,
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that this is a unique occasion to try to rebuild the haitian economy. it needs ambition. it need accountability. the proposed trust fund is certainly the right way to go forward. all of this will work if we really have the haitian authorities in the driver's seat. the imf experience is that for such a program to work, you need a real ownership by them. that is the proposal we want to make. this could lead to a gross of at least 8% for the coming five years which will lead the gdp to go to $1,000 compared to 1/3 of
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that before the earthquake. there is a real possibility of improving the situation but it relies on the haitian authorities and i am confident that you will be able to do it. the second point is that the medium term. the reconstruction has to do with the medium term. there will be no medium-term if we are not able to manage the short term. the short term is mainly a question of support. support this year is absolutely essential. following the forecast of the imf, the short term is about $300 million. many of you have already made some pledges on budget support and i want to thank you but there is more to do. there will be no way to be able to do all that has been said this morning if the haitian
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authorities need to finance their budgets. monetary support, the refinancing will be subject to inflation and this will destroy all the forecasts we may have today. this is absolutely critical. another point which is important is to monitor carefully, and we will do this with the central bank, the fact that all the pledges represents a huge inflow of capital for haiti. this will make an upward pressure on the currency. this has to be taken into account. this can be monitored. the main problem is to bridge the gap. to do this, another point as important is the involvement of the private sector.
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and we are working very closely with the haitian authorities to build a partial credit guarantee. when this start working, -- starts working, the private sector involvement will begin. burgeoned budget support, please think about that in your pledges. the last point has to do with relief. it is necessary and as far as the imf is concerned, the current level of our spending is to help 171 million including $40 million that we have disbursed immediately after the earthquake i am happy and proud to see that the imf is the institution likely to disperse days after the tragedy. this was necessary and now we need to deal with other
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institutions who have done their duty. we are in a situation at the imf which is special because whatever we do, there is no payment due from 80 before 2012. -- from haiti before 2012. we will have a proposal which is possible to organize that relief for the total but remains. mr. president, mr. prime minister, the imf will continue to be on your side in the difficult period. we believe there are some future growth possible. we are absolutely ready to help you but we need your total involvement and i know you are the perfect partners. thank you. [applause]
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>> i think the managing director of the international monetary fund for his statement. i now give the floor to the vice-president of the caribbean development bank. >> thank you, secretary general. i need to apologize for the absence of my president. he was unavoidably detained and i had to take his place. [unintelligible] we have been very actively involved since 2007. our involvement has been in collaboration with other multilateral development banks, particularly the world bank.
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all the interventions have been an education and community development have been with the world bank and the idb. we have available a total of $50 million for haiti. we do not have to give him a debt relief because all of our positions use bank sources. of this $50 million, $30.5 million represents a long-term project. our current assessment will determine whether the $13.5 million will be transferred to other projects. in essence, we have $36 million available in new commitments which we


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